Pause and Pray

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Dreams of Jesus

by Ben Muir, UTA

May 16, 2019

One of our staff members was sitting outside our BSM building praying for God to move on the campus. An Indian student named Kavi walked up to the building and started talking with our staff. Kavi said that he was an atheist but recently had a dream where he saw Jesus. In his dream, he saw himself on earth, God looking down on him, and then he saw Jesus. This dream shook him to his core and he decided to go to the nearest ministry (which turned out to be us) to find out more about Jesus. He is not ready to put his trust in Jesus yet but he does want to know more about God who so clearly reached out to him. We will be meeting with Kavi weekly to study the Bible.

  • Praise God for how he works in each individual's life to draw them to His heart.
  • Pray for Kavi as he learns about God's love and calling on his life. Pray that he will accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for the many Indian students on our college campuses. Pray that God would be faithful to continue calling them to Himself. Pray our BSMs would always be an open place ready to share God's story with everyone who comes in our path.

Pausing and Praying with you,