Pause and Pray

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Perfect Orchestration

by Delaney Bennet, Angelo State University

May 2, 2019

I met Rachel at an outreach table and she seemed to be interested in getting involved with our ministry (I assumed she was already a believer). When we met, it only took a few minutes to realize she had not given her life to Christ yet. It was apparent after hearing her story that the Lord had orchestrated us meeting; our stories were similar and our struggles during this season matched up almost perfectly. In the midst of our conversation, I found I was preaching to myself just as much as I was sharing truth with her. Rachel expressed a desire to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I was able to present her with her very first Bible and welcome her into our community of believers at Angelo State University. Throughout the midst of this rocky season, God still used me to share with Rachel and our lives will both be changed forever because of it.

  • Praise God for our new sister in Christ! Pray her faith would grow and that she would begin sharing her testimony with others at Angelo State University.
  • Pray for student leaders and BSM staff who feel they are struggling and not in the perfect state to minister to others right now. Pray they would be reminded of God's faithfulness and His sovereignty in all ministry situations despite our shortcomings.

Pausing and Praying with you,