Pause and Pray

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State Lead Team

February 6, 2020

The State Lead Team is a group of students from BSMs across Texas that display leadership skills and want to be involved at the state level. These students attend a leadership conference in early January where they gain valuable tools to go back to their campuses and lead their BSM ministry. They also help organize a state wide prayer conference called ABIDE that happened this past weekend. Students come to ABIDE for a time to unplug from the world and spend time in worship and prayer; simply abiding with Christ.

  • Pray for these students in the State Lead Team. Pray for strength, courage and wisdom as they lead their peers to Christ.
  • Pray for all of the students that are renewed in their walk with Christ this week after ABIDE. Pray for endurance as they pursue Christ and finish another semester of school this spring.
  • Pray for those that became a believer after encountering Christ at ABIDE. Pray the seeds that were planted would grow.

Pausing and Praying with you,