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The mission of BSM is to engage college students to follow Christ and transform the world. Each local campus BSM will look a little different but the ministry priorities are the same no matter the campus: evangelism, discipleship, missions, leadership, and church life.

Engaging Texas College Students

Texas is an amazing place to be involved in the lives of college students. It is estimated that there 1.6 million college students in Texas, making it second only to California in the number of students studying on our campuses. What an incredible challenge and opportunity! We currently have 150+ BSM Missionaries serving full-time, part-time, or volunteer on about 130 of the 175 campuses in Texas, including religiously affiliated schools, medical schools, professional schools, community colleges, and universities. BSM is a partnership between local area churches, associations, individuals, and Texas Baptists. BSM is not a parachurch organization; we are an extension of the local church. We are the missions arm of the local church on the college campus.

To Follow Christ

Our passion is that every single student Texas have the opportunity to hear the good news that God loves them and desires for them to experience life to the fullest. With a vision of calling students “from the harvest, for the harvest”, BSM continues to seek to share the gospel with each new student generation, calling individuals to respond to the moving of the Spirit of God and challenging them to be wholly committed followers of Jesus Christ, using their gifts and talents to impact their campus, their city, and their world for the Kingdom of God. In addition, BSM ministries provide a safe, open environment for those who are not yet believers, but who are seeking spiritual answers to find those answers.

And Transform the World

Although the sheer number of students and schools in our state is daunting, God continues to call out committed Christian students to minister on their campus. We believe that the youthful energy and passion of college students is God’s gift to His world. Many of the great movements of God have started on the university campus. Through a variety of missions and ministry opportunities, as well as personal relationships with staff and fellow students, BSM offers students a way to transform their world. Whether it’s handing out water on campus or taking out trash in the dorms to being a part of a mission trip away from home or sharing with the international student, students are making a difference every single day.


Do I have to be Baptist to participate?

No. BSM is not just for Baptists, but for all active college students. Many students who are active in the BSM belong to different churches and/or denominations. The name “Baptist” simply indicates something about our heritage and the way our ministry gets financial support. So come on by the BSM, everyone is welcome!

Is the BSM a Church?

No. The BSM is not a church. BSM and local churches partner together to reach and disciple students. We are the bridge from the local church to the campus and from the campus to the local church. BSM encourages all our students to be actively involved in a local church; we never want to take the place of the church in anyone’s life.

What kinds of things do you do?

We focus on missions, discipleship, and evangelism. We have something going almost every day of the week. We have large groups, small groups, groups for those investigating the Christian faith, Bible studies, discipleship and leadership development, and socials. There really is something for everyone at the BSM.

How do I get involved?

Just start coming! Come to anything and everything you can! Any college student can be involved in the BSM. We have undergraduate, graduate, transfers and internationals involved in our ministry.

What if I’m a transfer student?

Lots of transfer and graduate students come to BSM. Don’t hesitate to get involved.

What if I’m going to live at home and go to school?

If you will be living at home and attending your current church, we want you to know about BSM, too. BSM gives you the opportunity to get to know other students on campus and participate in spiritual growth, leadership, and ministry opportunities.

What does BSM stand for?

Baptist Student Ministry

How long has TX BSM been around?

Texas Baptists voted in 1919 to begin a ministry for college students. This work came to be called Baptist Student Union. The first locations for BSU were Texas A&M and UT and soon included most of the major campuses in Texas. In 1995 the name changed from BSU (Union) to BSM (Ministry) and now includes a presence on over 100 campuses around the state.

How does Texas BSM relate to local BSMs?

TX BSM is made up of more than 100 local BSMs. TX BSM is a ministry of Texas Baptists and seeks to carry out the vision of engaging college students to follow Christ and transform the world. We continue to initiate new local BSMs as God’s movement, resources, and people catch the vision.

Texas BSM State Office

Texas BSM State Office
7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75231-2388

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