You’ve invested in their spiritual growth and development. Now your students are reaching the milestone of high school graduation. What’s next for them? Will they stay connected to church?

You can get involved

We want to do our best to help keep students connected to Christ and His church once they leave high school. Our incoming students sign-up was created to help bridge the gap between high school and college. The goal is to connect graduating high school seniors with the BSM at the campus they plan to attend, and help them get to know people before they get to campus.

Please use your influential relationship to encourage their continued spiritual journey by engaging in BSM and church activities. (Churches with a long list of students to enter can email us at collegeministry[at] to find out how to send your info in bulk.)

If you're working with college students in your local church or thinking of starting a ministry to college students we have some resources to help you. See our TX College Church Website for more information:

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