Your child is reaching the milestone of high school graduation. What’s next for them?

Right now, the future is bittersweet for you. Your child is graduating and moving on to the next chapter in their life. That’s a great milestone and one that y’all have worked hard at. But that brings change. Whether your child is moving away to college or living at home and commuting, things will never be the same.

We want to be your partner in the continuing growth of your child by helping them to follow Christ and transform the world. Our mission is to introduce students to Christ and help them grow through BSM and church-based college ministry. We have 200+ local campus ministry workers (paid and volunteer) on 130+ campuses in Texas ready to invite your child to be a part of the BSM and help them get to know people before they get to campus, invest in their ability to follow Christ, and assist in their efforts to transform the world.

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