BSM is a great place to make friends and grow in your faith at college.

What people are saying

Photo of Lauren Lumert

Lauren Lumert

Being involved in BSM has been the biggest part of my time in college. As a freshman, I knew I wanted to be a part of a Christian organization but I expected much less than BSM. Through pushing me in all different ways, I have grown in so many areas of my life. I have developed greater leadership skills, learned how to better trust God with my life, and understood how the Gospel changes everything. BSM invites wonderful community but also deep spiritual growth. I know that God has used the BSM on my campus to greatly impact my life.

Photo of Billy Williams

Billy Williams

The BSM has given me practical ways to grow spiritually and become a more focused Christian.

Photo of Ariel Howard

Ariel Howard

College is one of the most important yet taxing times on a students life, and being sure that you have a strong foundation to fall back on is crucial. Through my local church and BSM I not only found friends, I found community and family. I was discipled, encouraged, and loved. When things get stressful, I have been able to not rely on the small portion that is my strength, but the strength of all those who have found their worth in Jesus and His truth.

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