BSM is a great place to make friends and grow in your faith at college.

What people are saying

Photo of Phebe Foster

Phebe Foster

If I hadn't gotten plugged into the BSM my freshman year I would not still be at SFA. I was extremely homesick my first year, and through the BSM I started finding my place and community!

Photo of Jenny Goon

Jenny Goon

BSM is a dream come true for me. It offers tons of opportunities to lead on a campus and state level. These aren’t just random assignments made by adults to make us feel good about ourselves; these are legit. Thanks to coming across BSM during the very beginning of my college career, this scared little freshman found a home in which the newness and complexity of college didn’t feel nearly as daunting

Photo of Amy Prentice

Amy Prentice

I got involved with the BSM after an intense season of change in my life. After I fully committed my life to Christ, God said, “You shouldn’t be and aren’t alone in this,” and I decided to join in fellowship at the BSM. Since then, He has blessed me in more ways than I could list here. I would strongly encourage all freshmen to find community in a Christian organization such as the BSM to remain strong in their walk and to find friends that will spur them to do great things in Christ!