BSM is a great place to make friends and grow in your faith at college.

What people are saying

Photo of Morgun Mason

Morgun Mason

Midwestern State University

I grew up going to church, but I never understood biblical community until I went to the BSM. I can say now that biblical community is one of the most powerful things that God allows us to experience! Not only does it help me keep my faith grounded, but it is a place to go if something in my life isn't going well.

Photo of Mac Stinson

Mac Stinson

Baylor University

We are made to be a community of believes that walk and struggle together, all for the glory of God. For me, church and BSM have given me access to discipleship resources and fellowship I never would have had otherwise.

Photo of Natalie Gustafson

Natalie Gustafson

Stephen F Austin University

Being involved in the BSM during college has transformed my life. God used the BSM as a way for me to be challenged in my walk with him. The BSM was a place where I was able to honestly struggle and wrestle with my questions and hard times while surrounded by people who loved and supported me. I learned what it means to live my life for Christ and was challenged to do so everyday.

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